Parent of child under 18

Parent of child under 18

Choosing to have a child through donor conception raises many decisions and issues to consider for yourself and your child. Your child may have known they are donor-conceived through their childhood or you may be considering telling them now. Some parents are keen to find out more about their donor and their children might be starting to show an interest too. It is also important to consider that your child could have half-siblings, who have been raised in another donor-conceived family, that they might like to connect with.

The Donor and Offspring Register was created in Western Australia as a way for donor-related people to try to connect. Parents of donor-conceived children who are under the age of 18, whose treatment took place in Western Australia, can join the register. If a parent chooses to join the register when their donor-conceived child reaches 18 their registration will become inactive and their child can choose to join the register.

Few people understand the emotional complexities of being part of a donor-conceived family. These complexities can raise unique challenges for the donor-conceived person and their parents. They can sometimes be unexpected, powerful and distressing, and even have lifelong consequences. 

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